Macedonian Call of Georgia

(A Non-Profit Organization)

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Effective December 1, 2014


Dear Friend,


Welcome to Macedonian Call of Georgia.


Purpose of Ministry


Macedonian Call of Georgia (MCG) is a faith-based organization supported and operated by volunteers who have a concern for missionaries.  Our purpose is to make vehicles available to Southern Baptist Missionaries (IMB) and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Missionaries (CBF), while on Stateside Assignments (SSA).  Other evangelical Christian missionaries will be considered, as vehicles are available.  What we supply is what has been donated to MCG.  Consequently, the number and selection of vehicles that are available are limited by what others give to this ministry.


Your application will be evaluated and determination made if MCG can assist you.  You will be notified, approximately six weeks before your furlough date, if a vehicle will be available for you.




Please carefully review the following:



(A Non-Profit Organization)

Statement of Agreement


          This Statement of Agreement is between Macedonian Call of Georgia (MCG) and the recipient of the MCG vehicle.


          MCG is dedicated to assisting furloughing workers with transportation needs and operates as a non-profit organization.


          The vehicle that you will receive has been donated, or funds donated, to procure it, by committed Baptists interested in missions.  Therefore, you are requested to carry out certain responsibilities to fulfill this trust and insure the vehicle will be serviceable for other users.


          If approved, we will tell you how to contact our volunteer coordinator 14 or more days in advance of your pick-up or return date. You will be met at the Atlanta airport or at First Baptist Church Jonesboro, 147 Church Street, Jonesboro, GA, as appropriate.  MCG will shuttle you from and to the airport upon your arrival/departure if needed.


          If possible, make your travel arrangements between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.


1.     All transactions concerning the delivery, return of the vehicle, and completion of all documents must be conducted at FBC Jonesboro.

2.      You or your spouse MUST personally pick up and/or return the vehicle.

3.      Drivers of MCG vehicles must have an acceptable drivers experience record.

4.      By submitting the application, you authorize MCG’s insurer to obtain a motor vehicle report for any proposed driver of MCG’s vehicle from the appropriate licensing and/or consumer reporting agency as required by GRO-276-B.  (At your expense).

5.      All proposed drivers MUST be listed on the application.

6.      Driver MUST be the applying missionary, spouse or child, over the age of 21, and living in the parent’s home.

7.      Driver MUST have a current and valid drivers license issued by a U.S. state, the country where they are serving, or have an international license.

8.      Applicant agrees to deny use of MCG's vehicle to anyone not listed as a driver on the application.


Operational Fees:


MCG Operation Fees are to be paid at the time you receive the vehicle, as follows:


·       $185.00 per month, or

·       $60 per week, if less than a full month


Refundable Deposit:


·                   You must make a deposit of $200, at the time you receive the vehicle, which will be refunded to you after the vehicle has been returned and inspected, if there is no service or repair needed.


·                   If such repairs or maintenance are necessary, the costs of such will be paid out of the deposit and the balance returned to you.


Motor Vehicle Report (MVR):


·                   A non-refundable charge of $10.00 per driver for the MVR is to be paid by the missionaries at the time you receive the vehicle.





Travel Limit:


MCG limits the travel of its automobiles to the states it serves:  GA, FL, AL, KY, NC, SC, TN and VA.


DO NOT TOW other vehicles or trailers with MCG vehicles.


Time limit:


The maximum period for loaning an auto is 12 months.


Source of Transportation:


The user acknowledges that this is their only source of transportation. If another source is secured while on furlough, the user will notify MCG. At that time, a decision will be made whether to return the vehicle.  This will be dependent on the user's circumstances and MCG's availability of vehicles.





(A Non-Profit Organization)

Rules of Operation





Covenant Between MCG and Users of Vehicles


A.      MCG cannot provide a warranty as to the condition of the automobile because we accept all donations as is.  Our Volunteer Mechanical Team has carefully inspected and road tested each vehicle for mechanical condition and roadworthiness.


B.      As a user, you agree to maintain the vehicle in like condition by following the service schedule and performing minor and routine repairs listed below, at your expense.


Documentation of these routine services must be submitted to MCG when the vehicle is returned.   Failure to do so WILL result in forfeiture of your deposit and future use of a MCG vehicle.




C.      Routine Service schedule - Fill out Log Book in glove compartment with date, mileage and service done.


                                    “A SERVICE”


                   Every 3,000 elapsed miles or 90 days (or whichever comes first)


                   *          Change oil & filer

                   *          Lubricate chassis (if so equipped)

                   *          Check ALL fluids

                   *          Check tire pressure (including spare & location of jack/ tools)

                   *          Check all belts & hoses

                  *         Clean & tighten battery cables (check battery water level)

                   *         Check all lights/replace

                   *          Check and replace both wiper blades, if needed (rear if so equipped)




          D.      Minor and Routine Repairs:


                                      In addition to the Routine Service as outlined above, Minor and Routine repairs must be performed as needed.  Remember, in all likelihood, the vehicle that you are driving has thousands of miles of usage and parts will wear out.  To insure the longevity of the vehicle and that it will be functional for another missionary, you are required to do routine repair and replace components as they wear out.


          E.      Major Repairs:


For Major Repairs, that is repairs in excess of  $200 of which you are responsible, you must comply with the following procedures:


                   1.      Secure two binding estimates as to the scope and repairs needed along with guarantee of workmanship.  We suggest you check with local churches for recommendations of mechanics.


2.      Contact Louis Moore at or call 678 687 0921 or Don Cagle at or call 770-507-6511 supplying them with the proposals for their approval.  You will be informed by Louis or Don concerning approval of repairs.


MCG has limited resources.  Therefore, only MCG Staff can authorize MCG paying for any repairs.  If you approve such expenditures, without authorization, you will be responsible to pay them.


You will be responsible to insure that the vehicle is maintained in good operating condition. The vehicle has been carefully inspected by the MCG volunteer mechanical team to insure that it is in good mechanical condition and is roadworthy.  It is not expected that the vehicle will need any major repairs while in your possession.  In the event that major repairs are required, ALL costs above $200 must be approved by the MCG Operating Committee.


F.      Insurance:


1.      MCG provides one million dollars of liability coverage on all MCG vehicles.


2.      Collision damage costs for MCG vehicles are not paid under the liability coverage.


3.      If you are at fault for an accident, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR UP TO $1,000 OF DAMAGE, which is our insurance deductible.


4.      Beyond this, MCG assumes the risk and/or pays the collision damage cost for your at-fault accident up to and including total loss of the vehicle.


5.      Loss or theft of your personal property from the vehicle is not insured, nor the responsibility of MCG.


6.      There is an accident procedure form in your information pack.  Please review it.  ALL accidents must be reported to MCG.


          G.      Service, Repairs and Clean Up:


The user agrees, that when it is time to return the vehicle, user will clean and service the vehicle, and have ALL SERVICE/REPAIRS and CLEAN-UP completed.  Documentation of these routine services must be submitted to MCG when the vehicle is returned.  Failure to do so WILL result in forfeiture of your deposit and future use of a MCG vehicle.  

The vehicle will be inspected to see if you have complied with this agreement.


Please review our Rules of Operation and Statement of Agreement.  If these are acceptable, you are encouraged to submit your application.


You will be asked to sign a confirmation of the application information you provide and agreement to abide by our Rules of Operation.


By clicking “Application Page” below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above and will be directed to the Application.


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