Macedonian Call of GEORGIA

Mission Statement

The Macedonian Call of Georgia is dedicated to assisting Southern Baptist Missionaries (IMB) and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Missionaries (CBF) with transportation needs, who are furloughing in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Macedonian Call of Georgia operates as a non-profit organization.  The Officer and Board of Directors are volunteers, who are committed Christians, dedicated to serving fellow Believers, who are carrying the Gospel of Christ to a lost world.

Purpose of Ministry

Macedonian Call of Georgia is a faith-based organization supported and operated by volunteers who have a concern for others.  Our purpose is to make available to Southern Baptist (IMB) and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Missionaries (CBF)users on SSA, vehicles that have been donated for this cause.  Therefore, what we supply is what has been donated to our Foundation.  The number and selection of vehicles that are available are limited by what others give to this.


Contributions and Vehicle Donations


Macedonian Call of Georgia is a non-profit organization and we, by faith, rely on concerned fellow Christians who want to help us provide missionaries with vehicles while furloughing in the United States.

If you would like more information on how you can make a contribution or donate a vehicle, please contact the following volunteers with MCG.

All donations and contributions are tax deductible.


Contributions Vehicle Donations


Roy V.Hall, Treasurer Jackie Brannen, Auto Donor Services

8959 Elberta Court 2712 Sandalwood Circle

Lake Spivey, GA 30236 Locust Grove, GA 30248

(770)478-0109 (770)957-8976

Email Email


Financial Information

Annual Financial Statements and I.R.S. forms 990 and 1023 are available upon request. To receive copies of any or all of these documents, contact Roy V. Hall, Treasurer at (770)478-0109. A nominal fee may be charged to cover copy and postage.


Missionary Contact Information

Don Cagle (President)

Telephone: (770) 507-6511

Address: 164 Wexford Court

Stockbridge, GA 30281



Lanson Newsome (Volunteer Coordinator)

Telephone: (770) 389-8781



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